Lovely Project Leader

Become a Lovely Champion

Lovely Champions make the greatest impact by changing the lives of young girls on an ongoing basis. Your monthly donation maintains and grows the Lovely Project. We will update you on how your investment is empowering young girls across the Greater Orlando area.


$24/month | 1-5 girls

Champion a Lovely Mentor

All of our Lovely Mentors are unpaid volunteers, yet they use their own finances to connect to girls on a weekly basis. Your monthly donation of $24 can provide reimbursement for Lovely Mentors so that they can continue to make a difference in the lives of young girls.

Lovely Project Mentor
Lovely Project Experience

$50/month | 5-15 girls

 Champion a Lovely Group

Lovely Groups provide a safe environment for the continued support and growth of young girls across the Greater Orlando area. Your monthly donation of $50 can provide the resources needed to lead a group on a weekly basis.

$100/month | 50-100 girls

Champion a Lovely School

Lovely Schools provide an essential avenue for mentorship. Your monthly donation of $100 can allow us to introduce and connect the Lovely Project with local schools to build important relationships within our community.

Lovely Project Group
Lovely Project Experience Leader

$150 / month | 300+ girls

 Champion a Lovely Event

Lovely Events provide a fun and encouraging environment where young girls feel empowered to share, connect, and grow. Your monthly donation of $150 can go towards running these events that young girls look forward to every year.

Every Girl Deserves to Feel Lovely