Lovely Project Girls Dancing

What We Do

The Lovely Project invites girls ages 5-19 to experience a loving and encouraging environment where they can be heard and build lasting relationships. This enables them to grow into women with immense value,  powerful voices, and unstoppable valor.

What Girls Learn


Value is realized from within. Girls learn to overcome lies and recognize personal strengths to love themselves inside and out.


A voice has the power to change the world. Girls learn to set boundaries, demonstrate respect, and develop the confidence to express themselves.


Valor is an honor to yourself. Girls learn to take risks and conquer failure by being resilient, courageous, and unstoppable.


Lovely Project Group

Lovely Groups

Lovely Groups are safe environments where young girls meet, connect, and grow with their peers. These weekly gatherings are led by young women who are vetted, trained, and committed to teaching girls their loveliness. Lovely Groups are available across the Greater Orlando area in schools and community centers. 

Lovely Project Mentors

Lovely Mentors

Lovely Mentors actively change the lives of young girls through their service. By sharing stories and providing encouragement, they empower young girls to become thriving women in our community. Mentors build relationships with Lovely Girls and make a difference by caring when they need it the most.

You Transform the Future by Empowering Young Girls