I Hated Myself: Melissa’s Story

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As a young girl, I was very close to both my parents and my older brother. It was always very important to me to make my loved ones happy. I always tried my hardest to be the best daughter I could be; I was obedient, patient, and worked hard in school as I was encouraged […]

Confessions From a Former Mean Girl

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I used to be the mean girl. It was nearing the end of the school year, so that day in P.E. we were doing physical evaluations, followed by time for “free-choice” activities. A lot of us were just hanging out on the bleachers, and I thought that would be the perfect place for the “prank” […]

I Prayed to Die: Emily’s Story

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We’ve all heard the saying live like you are dying, and as cliché as it sounds, I did not start living until I was told that death was imminent. But I am getting ahead of myself… My childhood seemed perfect, especially to the outsider looking in. I had an older brother who doubled as my best […]

From Feeling Worthless to Lovely: Rachel’s Story

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Middle school is said to be the most insecure time of your life, and I was just another example of it. I was convinced that I was ugly and too quiet. I had good friends, but managed to ruin them one way or another. I ruined friendships by getting jealous or they would just get tired […]

Daughter of Convicted Sex Offender Speaks Out

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One year ago, Orlando local girl Stephanie, a minor, highlighted her personal trauma in a segment on HuffPost Live entitled “How The Families Of Sex Offenders Cope” This segment was talking with families of convicted sex offenders, and the effects that the conviction has had upon them. Many times the families of the offenders are […]